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netflix is awesome.

they have every criterion collection dvd you could want to see. only problem is the wait can sometimes be long for a recently released one (ie Rules of the Game) but i've been able to discover the genius of ingmar bergman over the past eight months. as well as save myself money buying all these awesome movies. i can just rent them and keep them for a while and then see another and not clutter my life with them.

most recently, the Scenes from a Marriage DVD was been amazing me. bergman is the closest film has ever gotten to live theatre in my opinion. and how he gets his actors to explore such scary real shit is amazing. lars von trier wishes he could be as great a provacateur while retaining artistic credibility, not to mention credibility as a human without as much misanthropy. that's what's amazing about bergman, to me. you hear people say, 'thats a bergman landsccape' cuz it's barren and bleak or something, but there's such love for all his characters in all of his films it's hard for me to think of him as a hard ass. i guess a lot of it was his love for his different actresses through his career, but still, in Wild Strawberries, he loves the professor as much as the young daughter in law despite a mockery of him. there IS heart in his films. Persona is also amazing for the emtional range it covers; and those actresses are just gorgeous, to boot. but yeah, i say give him a shot if you haven't, and if you have, give him another look. that is, you know, unless you agree with everything i say here, which, of course, is completely true and the end all to all discussions.
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