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2nd January 2006

scottwithink5:37am: Hi.

I am in desperate need of video clips, screenshots, posters, irector/actor shots of any of the following films. I have a documentry due of the development of early German Cinema tomorrow and I am really fucked if I can't find somethings. HELP ME!!!

-Student of Prague
-Der Golem
-Cabinet of Dr.Caligari
-Blue Angel
-The Rebel
-Wax Works
-The Last Laugh
-The Blue Light
-Oskar Meester (pictures of himself or any movies he has done)
-The Congress Dances
-Andreas Hofer (the movie)

Anything would help. Thanks so much!

5th June 2005

meeta8:07am: Juliette
Everybody loves Juliette Binoche! Come join a brand new community dedicated to her!

16th December 2004

hankchinasky11:10am: film festival
i am going to berlin early next year and work at their film festival. they are looking for submissions and the best thing about it is that the festival is free. you dont have to pay to submit your films. if you are interested, please visit the website. http://www.tromanale.de/faq.html

5th November 2004

hankchinasky8:19am: good week
so, this week i saw the heartbreakingly good "2046". mr wong kar wai outdid himself this time. then i watched a poor copy of mr yimou zhang's "house of the flying daggers" (Shi mian mai fu). honestly, i was expecting something more, i dont know what exactly, but something more. dont get me wrong, it was a good movie, but it still was missing something. but it was good to see the hot andy lau. and last night i went to see "the incredibles", and what else can i say except that the movie is totally incredible. i was so surprised by how much i enjoyed this movie. by far, its the best surprise of 2004 for me. i highly recommend it to everyone. i would love to talk more about all of these movies, but i hate it when people post huge entries and reviews. so, if you want to know more about these three movies, just email me and we can discuss.

up for next week: "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou", whats better then a bearded Bill Murray in a wet suit? then "Blade: Trinity", Parker Posey as a vampire, is someone tapping my phone calls? and finally Godard's "Our Music" (Notre musique), hello, its Godard.

6th October 2004

hankchinasky12:07pm: i went to see the doc "the yes men" last night. the movie was ok, educational, informational, slow at times, yet funny. but the worst thing about last night was the trailers. i saw the trailer for the new jean-pierre jeunet film "Un long dimanche de fiançailles" ("a very long engagement"), and it looks like garbage. it looks like "amelie part 2". i didnt care for "amelie" the first time around, and i dont think im gonna be looking forward to "amelie-meets saving private ryan-meets cold mountain". but im sure that every female age 15-50 is going to watch this movie.

4th October 2004

hankchinasky11:58am: after dinner we all went to see "the motorcycle diaries". again i didnt have to pay, but this time i simply walked into the lobby and into the theatre. anywho, the movie was disappointing. the scenery was breathtaking, the camera work was great, and the two actor had great repor with each other. but the movie just fell short of what i was expecting. if the movie was about two nameless friends going on a roadtrip, i would have appreciated the movie alot more. but since the movie was about one of the most revolutionary men with one of the brightest visions of the 20th century and the movie did nothing to enlighten me about his humble beginnings, i felt disappointed. most kids know che as a mass merchandised tshirt, and this movie did nothing to make them think differently.

29th September 2004

hankchinasky12:53pm: some things i havent mentioned:

went to go see "shy captain and the world of tomorrow". the movie was terrible, worse movie i have seen in all this 21rst century. it was even worse then "resident evil: apocolypse". the movie was bad, the CG was bad, the story was bad, and the acting was worst of all.

went to go see "ghost in the shell 2: innocence", and i really loved this movie. it was very poetic, though sometimes a bit too preachy. but the animation was top notch. i dont care for the ulta fluid and crisp animation of those pixar movies, i prefer movies like "castle in the sky" and "iron giant".

went to go see "incident at loch ness" and i really liked this little gem. first of all i absolutely love Werner Herzog, if anyone has seen "julien donkey boy" you would know why. i also like the movie, within a movie, within a movie, within a movie premise. the movie was a comedy in the first half, then a suspense full horror thriller the second half. but the best thing about the movie was my company.

24th September 2004

hankchinasky8:25am: i went to an advance screening of "shaun of the dead" last night. the movie was surprisingly good. it was like a british hugh grant romantic comedy during the first half, then all of a sudden there are zombies everywhere. nick frost playing "ed" was a laugh riot and i was very pleasently surprised with the acting of "shaun" simon pegg. his acting is so subtle and believable. i also say references and hints to other classic films like "evil dead" and "battle royale". i highly recommend this movie. please, watch it and we can discuss it further.

26th August 2004

hankchinasky9:32am: CINEFILE
i need some help on the matter of cinema.

i have some mates that recently moved up to san fran and they are fellow lovers of cinema. they are looking for any indie or arthouse movie theatres (like the nuart down here in LA) and video rental establishments (like the world famous cinefile down here in LA) in the san fran area.

if anyone could help me out and give me some names and addy i would be very appreciative.

10th August 2004

hankchinasky10:46am: Freeze Me
i saw the japanese movie "freeze me" last night. the movie was lame. contorted plot and shitty acting and dialogue. the only saving grave was the female lead, Harumi Inoue. she is so amazingly beautiful.

9th August 2004

hankchinasky4:06pm: infernal affairs
at a film festival. i walked into the theatre not knowing anything about the movie and was totally and completley surprised by the films.

this weekend i watched just part 1 over again on dvd and again i was totally sucked in by the storyline and suspense. i cant wait to watch part 2 and 3 again.

if you havent seen these films, i highly suggest you seek them out and watch them.

12th July 2004

hankchinasky9:54am: Movie Review
this past week i went to go see three movies and this is my review:

1."I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"- im a huge Clive Owen fan, and i am also a fan of revenge of UK gangster and Japanese Yokuza films, so i thought this movie would be good. It wasnt, it was boringly terrible. The script was bad and conviluted. The sound design was bizarre and not in a good way. The acting was subpar at best. They should have called it, "I'll Sleep When The Movie Starts."

2."King Arthur" - Again, im a huge Clive Owen fan. He is so dreamy. He should totally be the next James Bond. But of course they will pick someone safe like Jude Law or Ashton Kutcher or someone equally homosexual. But back to "King Arthur", it was terrible. The totally ripped off Antoin Fuqua's previous film "Tears of the Sun" with the same underlaying story line and added a "Lord of the Rings" element by it being in 452 AD and with swords and bows and arrows. The legend of King Arthur was butchered and Lancelot was killed off without the love affair with King Arthur's lady love. The CG fight scenes was lame-o. Merlin was a guerilla fighter and not the teacher and philosopher he really was. And the weirdest part was the main villian was this weird old west country villian acting dude, yet he looked like Gandolph the Grey from LOTR, weird

3."Anchorman" - I was so fucking wasted during this movie that i hardly remeber seeing it at all. My friends said that i was totally laughing my ass off and was laughing so loud that everyone in the theatre was laughing at the way i was laughing. My friends also said that after the movie i kept telling everyone that i was from London, Canada. I dont know what this means.

28th June 2004

hankchinasky5:53pm: OASIS
i was so excited and proud to finally be able to watch "Oasis" on the big screen at my local cinema house.

i suggest everyone to go out and catch this film while it is still in theatres.


24th May 2004

hankchinasky10:30am: congrats
Congratulations Mr Moore…for being one of the most over-rated, megalomaniacal, grand standing directors to blatantly stealing from other documentary directors to win the Palme d'Or. I hope you die of a massive coronary you fat fucking caucasian American.

13th May 2004

hankchinasky2:43pm: OASIS
IM SO EXCITED, I JUST FOUND OUT THAT ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIES "OASIS" (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0320193/)& (http://kn.koreaherald.co.kr/SITE/data/html_dir/2002/09/26/200209260030.asp) ,


10th May 2004

hankchinasky1:15am: SUPER SAMURAI
i just came back from seeing both "the twiligt samurai" and "super size me". here is what i thought of both films

"the twilight samurai" was a really great movie. it was leaps and bounds better then the highly offensive "the last samurai". "the twilight samurai" has great cinemotagraphy, using almost onle available light i think, for most of the film. but when light is used, it is drastic, explosions of light and color fill the screen when this rare occasion happens. highly recommended.

then i snuck in to see "super size me". i was disappointed with this movie. having just finished reading the book "fast food nation" i felt that the director of "super size me" had also just finished reading "fast food nation" and was a big fan of the over-rated michael moore and came up with the idea for this documentary. if you havent read "fast food nation" or are a michael moore fan, then i would recommend this film. if you have taste in your documentaries, i would highly recommend you pass on this film

9th May 2004

rynhauld2:39pm: orfeu negro
got the criterion disc from netflix and watched it last night. it was gorgeous and the music was superb, but it was kinda too slow and obvious for my tastes. anybody else seen it or have something enlightening to say?

7th May 2004

hankchinasky9:36am: SO EXCITED
i just read some of the movies that are going to be shown this year at cannes and Wong Kar-Wai's "2046" is going to be shown. im so freakin excited. also “Innocence” by Oshii Mamoru and “Bad Education” by Pedro Almodovar.

4th May 2004

rynhauld10:10am: ma femme est une actrice
just saw this a couple nights ago and i must say i want to fall in love with a lady like charlotte gainsbourg. she is just too fine. or, ludivine sagnier might do.

as for the film, it was good, cute--very french and very proud of it. the writer/director/star, yvan attal, is a likeable guy despite being an idiot character who's just too jealous for his own good. he is married to charlotte gainsbourg and they are making another film together as hubby/wifey::director/actor/actress and i look forward to it.

anybody else seen anything else ms gainsbourg is especially good in other than '21 grams'?

25th April 2004

rynhauld3:01pm: netflix is awesome.
they have every criterion collection dvd you could want to see. only problem is the wait can sometimes be long for a recently released one (ie Rules of the Game) but i've been able to discover the genius of ingmar bergman over the past eight months. as well as save myself money buying all these awesome movies. i can just rent them and keep them for a while and then see another and not clutter my life with them.

most recently, the Scenes from a Marriage DVD was been amazing me. bergman is the closest film has ever gotten to live theatre in my opinion. and how he gets his actors to explore such scary real shit is amazing. lars von trier wishes he could be as great a provacateur while retaining artistic credibility, not to mention credibility as a human without as much misanthropy. that's what's amazing about bergman, to me. you hear people say, 'thats a bergman landsccape' cuz it's barren and bleak or something, but there's such love for all his characters in all of his films it's hard for me to think of him as a hard ass. i guess a lot of it was his love for his different actresses through his career, but still, in Wild Strawberries, he loves the professor as much as the young daughter in law despite a mockery of him. there IS heart in his films. Persona is also amazing for the emtional range it covers; and those actresses are just gorgeous, to boot. but yeah, i say give him a shot if you haven't, and if you have, give him another look. that is, you know, unless you agree with everything i say here, which, of course, is completely true and the end all to all discussions.

8th March 2004

hankchinasky6:17pm: Bad Movie
In case anyone was wondering about watching the new Batlle Royale II. dont bother, it was really really bad. save your money.
hankchinasky6:16pm: What did i do to diserve this?
i decided to go to the egyptian down in hollywood to see Pedro Almodovar's ¿Qué he hecho yo para merecer esto?!! (1984). i do so love his work. what other director can make a movie about a family with a dryg addictive mum who kills her husband with a pigs leg, a 12 year old gay son who fucks his dentists for free dental work, a 15 year old heroin selling son who sleeps with his gradma, and they all live next door to a prostitute who gets her clothes tailored from a women whos daughter has the ability to move things with her mind? kudos to you Almodovar.

10th December 2003

ickylaurenlizzy3:02am: Finally got to watch the White Balloon. It's pretty good, for what its worth. I'd reccommed it if you're in the mood for an "average day" type of movie.

It's also interesting if you know anything about the middle east. It's totally against most people's conceptions of the middle east and gender. Interesting.
Current Mood: good

24th June 2003

ickylaurenlizzy12:51am: Talk To Her
I just joined. But, since this is a foreign film group, I was wondering if anyone else thought Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella) was as genius as I do. A few people I've talked to thought it was pathetic. How could they?
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17th February 2003

emsheba12:55am: Hey there!
I'm just joining. I don't really have favorites in films simply because there are too many things I love about different ones that it's hard to be decisive. Recently though I watched Happenstance with Audrey Tautou (Amelie) directed by Laurent Firode it reminded me of Sliding Doors meets Code Unknown only silly and not as heavy as Code. I liked The Devil's Backbone by Guillermo Del Toro too but that's a little different than what the french like to do. The Three Colors Trilogy was enjoyable too.
Okay enough from me. It's nice to have this out here!

-Buried under snow.
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