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Movie Review

this past week i went to go see three movies and this is my review:

1."I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"- im a huge Clive Owen fan, and i am also a fan of revenge of UK gangster and Japanese Yokuza films, so i thought this movie would be good. It wasnt, it was boringly terrible. The script was bad and conviluted. The sound design was bizarre and not in a good way. The acting was subpar at best. They should have called it, "I'll Sleep When The Movie Starts."

2."King Arthur" - Again, im a huge Clive Owen fan. He is so dreamy. He should totally be the next James Bond. But of course they will pick someone safe like Jude Law or Ashton Kutcher or someone equally homosexual. But back to "King Arthur", it was terrible. The totally ripped off Antoin Fuqua's previous film "Tears of the Sun" with the same underlaying story line and added a "Lord of the Rings" element by it being in 452 AD and with swords and bows and arrows. The legend of King Arthur was butchered and Lancelot was killed off without the love affair with King Arthur's lady love. The CG fight scenes was lame-o. Merlin was a guerilla fighter and not the teacher and philosopher he really was. And the weirdest part was the main villian was this weird old west country villian acting dude, yet he looked like Gandolph the Grey from LOTR, weird

3."Anchorman" - I was so fucking wasted during this movie that i hardly remeber seeing it at all. My friends said that i was totally laughing my ass off and was laughing so loud that everyone in the theatre was laughing at the way i was laughing. My friends also said that after the movie i kept telling everyone that i was from London, Canada. I dont know what this means.
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