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Congratulations Mr Moore…for being one of the most over-rated, megalomaniacal, grand standing directors to blatantly stealing from other documentary directors to win the Palme d'Or. I hope you die of a massive coronary you fat fucking caucasian American.
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well... saying you hope for his death and calling him a "fat fucking caucasian" isn't a very reasonable or kind thing to say.

have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11?
i never said i was reasonable or kind
wow. you must be the first person who said half of my thoughts out loud. thank you. there was no way anyone else was gonna win that price, mr moore's subject was just craving for it, and ofcourse everyone thinks that ITS GOOD, CAUSE THEN MORE PPL WATCH THE FRICKIN MOVIE AND THEY DONT VOTE FOR BUSH, which would be good, but still. cannes is about films, not politics, right?
well, i was deleted and blocked from this community. the thing that mr moore is fighting against, censorship, is alive and well in this very own commiunity. it boggles the mind