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i just came back from seeing both "the twiligt samurai" and "super size me". here is what i thought of both films

"the twilight samurai" was a really great movie. it was leaps and bounds better then the highly offensive "the last samurai". "the twilight samurai" has great cinemotagraphy, using almost onle available light i think, for most of the film. but when light is used, it is drastic, explosions of light and color fill the screen when this rare occasion happens. highly recommended.

then i snuck in to see "super size me". i was disappointed with this movie. having just finished reading the book "fast food nation" i felt that the director of "super size me" had also just finished reading "fast food nation" and was a big fan of the over-rated michael moore and came up with the idea for this documentary. if you havent read "fast food nation" or are a michael moore fan, then i would recommend this film. if you have taste in your documentaries, i would highly recommend you pass on this film
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